A rough morning…

Welcome to this site.  This is the first post.  As you can see, the site is pretty rough at this point.  I learned from someone that the most important thing to getting something done is to get it started.  So instead of waiting around for the site to look perfect, I’m just going to start.  I’ll put up an about page at some point soon, but for now I’ll just remark that the purpose of this blog is so you can follow along with me as I work tirelessly to become a better husband.  I’m hoping you folks (if there are any of you out there) can both encourage me and be encouraged to become a better husband to your spouse.

This morning was rough.  I’ve been working hard to be aware of all the stupid things I say and do at home that make life more difficult for my wife.  This morning tried my patience.  The kids got up early.  Both of them.  I was already awake.  My wife was sleeping.  They were loud and clung to me.  And I needed to get ready for work.  But I didn’t want them to wake her up.  She has enough on her plate when they wake up at a normal time and she gets sleep.

A month ago I would have carried them into the room and asked her if she could wake up early so I could get to work.  But since I’ve committed to becoming a better husband I just sucked it up and got ready as they danced, sang, played and made loud noises.  It was early in the morning.  One wanted to be picked up.  Then the other.  They wanted their dad to play with them.  And I wanted to play with them.  But I needed to get ready for work too.  And I didn’t want to wake up my wife.

It was rough.  While I was awake, I hadn’t mentally prepared for them to be up so early (over an hour early).  But I was committed to taking the heavy lifting so my wife could get some rest.  I did.  But it was ugly.


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